There’s so much more to Anthem than sitting in rows on Sundays or watching a service online. We think that circles, or Groups, are the best way to make friends and grow spiritually.  Finding your people and deciding to take next steps in your growth are what Groups do best.  There are groups for men, women, college students, grad students, singles, couples, interest groups and short term topical groups!  Each group is made up of approximately a dozen people.

What Types of Groups are There?


Adult Community Groups are men or women that meet together to pursue authentic community and spiritual growth.  These Community Groups typically meet for 12-18 months with the same circle of people.  These groups often work through video based study together.  


These groups are designed for couples.  Community Groups typically meet 12-18 months with the same group of people.  These groups often work through a video based study together or discuss Sundays talk.


If you’re looking to make some friends and grow spiritually, then you need to join a community group! College groups are one of the best ways to help Gainesville and Anthem become your home away from home!

Short Term

Hang out, make friends, and study something interesting together.  These groups are based around content and are short term, typically 4-8 weeks.

Questions about Groups?

Contact Jason Carr, our Groups Director
Interested in possibly leading a group?  Let us know here!