We don't take it lightly that you'd trust us with your kids or teenagers.  In fact, we believe what we do for kids and students is the most significant stuff we do as a church!  That's why we've created amazing environments with incredible staff and volunteers specifically designed for your kids at each and every phase. Click on each name for more info about each environment, or below that check out some of the big things we value... we hope to see you Sunday!

waumba land

Designed for Birth to Pre-K Kids


Designed for Elementary Kids


Designed for Middle School Students

inside OUt

Designed for High School Students

What we do for kids and teenagers is the most important stuff we do. 

We believe the future of church is now.  That's why we hire the best staff and create amazing environments for kids and teenagers.

No one has more potential to
influence a kid then a parent.

Our environments are designed to inspire your kids and teenagers and equip you to leverage your time at home for more impact.

A parent is not the only influence a kid or
teenager needs

That's why we've designed our experiences to connect every kid and teenager in a circle with a caring adult.  This Small Group leader will show up for your kids and become a parents ally through the ups and downs of life.

What we say every week should reinforce what kids and teenagers need to know about God uniquely
at every phase. 

That's why we have a Phase Guide that is our roadmap for how we talk about God and values uniquely at every phase from birth-college.

We believe every kid is made in the image of God and has incredible potential.

That's why our team of volunteers and staff are trained to be ridiculously inclusive as they connect and care for every kid no matter their age, socio-economic status or situation at home.  Every kid is welcome.