middle school

Transit happens during the 11:00am service at Anthem in the Family Ministry building.  
Transit is a weekly environment where students experience games, music, and teaching in a large group setting before spending time processing what they learned in small groups. Small groups are at the core of Transit. They’re made up of a consistent group of students and led by committed adult leaders. These groups are designed to create a safe environment for students to share what’s going on in their lives, ask questions about faith and help navigate the middle school world. Our hope is to energize students to connect with peers and give them a vision of who they were created to be as they develop a faith of their own.

The road through middle school may be bumpy—but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Transit students are surrounded by a community helping them on the journey to discover a faith of their own.

Got a question about Transit?

Contact our Student Ministries Director, Philip Floor