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Life is complicated, you want to get it right and we'd love to help.  
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Engagement Pathway

It's about next steps not programs.
So no matter where are now we can all take a step.
Below you'll find some great next steps to take to grow in your faith.

Find Community

Nobody should do life alone.  At Anthem we say Circles are better than rows.  That's just our way of saying that life is better connected.  Take a step towards community by clicking below.

Don't Come Alone

We try our best to create environments that people love to attend and want to invite a friend!  A significant step in engaging in your faith journey is by inviting others to join you and experiencing Anthem together.

Serve on a Team

It's called "strategic" service because we believe you are uniquely made to make a difference.  You have a role to play that no one else can fill.  We'd love to partner with you to help you discover what that is and how to put it into play to make a difference in the world.

Give a Percentage

Generosity with our resources is a significant step in our journey.  In the scriptures Jesus talked more about money than heaven and hell combined.  He knew, what we all know, that money is a big deal.  We'd love to invite you into leveraging your resources for something bigger than yourself.