Helping students make wise choices and develop a faith of their own

middle school phase

Every phase is a timeframe in a kids life
when you can leverage distinct opportunities
to impact their future.

6th Grade
6th Grade is the phase when there's never enough groceries, too many hormones and a dramatic kid that needs someone to prove, "who cares."
7th & 8th Grade
The Phase when nothing you do is cool, everything is fun in a crowd, and one smart kid will keep reminding you, "Yeah... I know."


6th Grade Camp

6th Grade Camp is our annual event to induct new sixth graders into middle school. 6th Grade camp happens every September.

Be Rich

Students participate in our annual church-wide giving and serving campaign called Be Rich. Be Rich happens annually in October.

Double Dog

Double Dog Dare-a-Thon is a fun night of dares that makes it easy for students to invite their friends to Transit. Double Dog happens every April.

Winter Camp

Winter Camp  is an in-town retreat for all middle school  and high school grades where students stay in host homes and have incredible large group experiences at Anthem.  myLIFE happens every February.


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