For way too long churches have been known for what they're against.  We want to be known for what we're FOR.

Being FOR GAINESVILLE  is so much more than a catchy saying for us at Anthem.  
It really defines who we are as an organization.  

We believe that a group of people, so inspired by the life and teaching of Jesus could actually change this community.  Not only do we think it's possible, we're seeing it happen.  Anthem is a community of people that are different races, genders, socio economic statuses, political affiliations and more.  But we're together because of what we're FOR.

And if you're reading this we're FOR YOU.

We're FOR Gainesville teachers, businesses, moms and dads, students, kids and families.

We are FOR Gainesville.
Sometimes being FOR somebody just means lending a hand when they need some help.
This season as a community we've been able to do that more than ever before.
If you'll like to be a part, you can click the buttons below, or if you're in one of those seasons in life you just need someone to be for you, simply click "get help" below.


Be Rich is a movement of generosity where we are practically FOR non profits in our community. Every dollar given and every hour served impacts nonprofits doing incredible work. Your generosity makes a difference in the lives of those they serve.  Be Rich happens annually in September.

for  all people.

We believe being FOR Gainesville means being FOR ALL PEOPLE.

How to be FOR people who vote differently than you do.

Sometimes we need a reminder what the "win" really is.  This talk by our Teaching Pastor Andy Stanley reminds us how to be FOR people when we disagree about politics.  Below is a conversation guide we resourced our Group Leaders with to help with conversations about politics.

#ForGainesville Bingo

For a simple way to be #FORGAINESVILLE download the BINGO card below and get to work!  As you compete squares post on social and tag #FORGAINESVILLE! Once you’ve completed 5 in a row, post a final pic on instagram and tag @anthemchurch_fl and #FORGAINESVILLE and we’ll send you and your family some FOR Gainesville shirts! 

Additional Resources

In this challenging season, we’ve created some additional resources to help you navigate some specific things.

Click the links below to download a PDF: