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Parents of High School Students


Hey Parents!  Parenting is a challenge at any age, but parenting a high schooler is no doubt a unique experience!  The great news is you don't need to do it alone.  I'd love to partner with you to help you win and home and connect you to a community of other parents in the same phase as you!  
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Philip Floor, Student Director

High School PhASE

Every Phase is unique, and there's no doubt High School Students are unique! We want to partner with you in this unique phase to help you win at home and help mobilize your students into their futures.  That's why we think strategically about every Phase, especially each year in High School.
9th Grade- The Phase when friendships shift, grades count, and interests change.  So often your teenager has to explain, "this is me now."
10th Grade- The Phase when everybody else can... nobody else has to... and your resolute teen will push you to answer, "why not?"
11th Grade- The Phase when there's less drama, more stress, and your very busy teenager answers all your questions with, "just trust me."
12th Grade- The Phase when your emerging adult pulls away, gets closer, does things for the last time, and you both start asking, "what's next?"


IO Daytona

IO Daytona  is the summer camp experience for High School students in Daytona Beach, FL.  JULY 19-23

Be Rich

Students participate in our annual church-wide giving and serving campaign called Be Rich. Be Rich is a global initiative where people GIVE, SERVE, and LOVE our local communities.  Be Rich happens annually in November.


myLIFE is an amazing event when middle and high school students come together for a weekend in Gainesville, FL. At this retreat, students will learn how to be ready when they face the inevitable obstacles of life. That’s why it’s called myLIFE—we want each student to be equipped to live their best life with God at the center.

Crew Night

Crew Night is a themed event we do 1 or 2 times a semester where we encourage students to invite their 'crew' to come to InsideOut and experience a night they will never forget.


Parenting a high school student is NO JOKE.  The best news is you don't have to do it alone.  Below you'll find resources to help you parent during this specific phase and to win at home with your student.


InsideOut happens most Sundays at 4:30pm on Anthem's Campus.